We have many things going on in the week for senoirs. This not only provides opportunity to meet together at a variety of social occasions but also to show Christian care for each other as circumstances arise.

Lunch Club


The lunch club guests are a very friendly group and enjoy the opportunity to get out, meet other people and enjoy a very tasty, hot meal prepared by our professional chef. A particularly pleasant part of the week for those who are perhaps lonely, have health problems or are unable to get out very much. Lunch club takes place every Monday at 12pm and costs £6. Transport is £3 but may not be available immediately. Please contact the church office to book.

Art Group

The group provides a place where people interested in drawing and painting can meet together. Although it is not a teaching class the group helps and encourages one another. The group meets on a Tuesday at 9.45am and welcomes friends, neighbours and the local community to join.

Wednesday Fellowship

Wednesday Fellowship welcomes people of all ages from the church, other local churches and the community. The meeting includes fellowship, worship and prayer with a speaker from Christian congregations, charities, local churches and occasionally a subject of interest. The meeting closes after an hour and is followed by tea and biscuits and a time to socialise. The group meets at 2.15pm every other week. Please see the calendar for details.